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CS^3 is CS’s in-house designed software aimed at “single source publishing” that generates multiple-format outputs from a single input. It has multiple components to reduce production time and increase the quality of deliverables. A single platform unites and accomplishes all the processes in publishing, such as authoring, smart editing, author proofing, auto pagination, and distribution. At the same time, it can generate digital formats such as ePub, mobipocket, and customized client XML. The system is fully controlled by a workflow management system, which can be customized to client requirements.

Providing content solutions

Processing more than a million pages

Enabling real-time project tracking

CS-PTS is a cloud-based customer support system. The system provides 24/7 support to clients, who can upload and download projects and will receive email confirmation of such actions. CS-PTS enables tracking of the status of current and completed projects, as well as conformance to deadlines. The system is available in Google Play Store and iTunes. This makes sure that when clients are away from their computers they can still access all necessary information from their smartphones over a highly secured network that ensures data security.   Click here  to Login.

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Leading the automation run

Utilizing top-notch systems and processes

Managing content with state-of-the-art tech

CS has one of the most highly qualified software developers in the industry. CS^3 is a product that testifies to this claim. The team’s motto is to work smart and work right. We have experts who can handle nearly every sort of technical challenge, providing smart solutions to restore smooth running.

Ensuring highest accuracy

Hiring the best fit

Enabling real-time project tracking